CCM Jetspeed FT475 Handschuh Senior
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Artikelnummer: HG475SR

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  • Construction: LIGHTWEIGHT POLYESTER Durable construction built from high-quality material in our simplest back roll design giving a more anatomical fit, ideal for recreation play.
  • Liner: LAMINATED LINER WITH PU CUSHION FOAM Soft feel from the start.
  • Fingers/Backhand: PE FOAM + PE INSERTS Premium foam and inserts deliver lightweight, top-notch protection.
  • Thumb: REGULAR PE THUMB Great mobility and stick grip
  • Palm: SOFT NASH PALM WITH REINFORCEMENT Great soft feel and durability.
  • Cuff: SHORT PRE-ANGLED ONE-PIECE OPEN CUFF Unrestricted wrist movement, plus augmented fl exibility and protection

Serie: CCM Jetspeed